is the premiere one stop shop for web marketing solutions for the hospitality industry.  We offer a wide array of services designed to help local restaurateurs succeed in the current harsh economic climate.  We know how hard it is as a business owner to take the design and implement new marketing strategies.  We use our tools and expertise to take this burden off of your shoulders.

Website Development:

We utilize software that offers our customers an amazing breadth of capabilities and an unmatched ease of use.  Our staff is prepared to create an attractive site that boasts all the necessary information for your customers.  Once we complete the site to your standards, we bring you in to show you how to utilize the software to keep your customers up to date on features, events, and news.  View Features >>

Online Ordering:

We have partnered with an amazing Online Ordering service called Zuppler.  Through EatsPress, you will be able to seamlessly integrate a customized online ordering platform into your current or new website.  Taking orders online saves time and money for your company and allows you to reach new customers.  With Zuppler, the process is painless to implement.  View Features >>

Social Media:

Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are a simple way to instantly connect with your restaurants customers.  By updating your fans and followers daily, you can always stay in the forefront of your customer’s minds.  This ensures that the next time they decide to enjoy a meal out, they think of you first.  View Features >>

Feature Promotion:

Utilizing a wide range of online tools, we can help you create and implement a feature promotion at your restaurant.  This can be anything from a daily special, to a one-time-only offer that we help promote.  We are well versed in employing online campaigns using  our own restaurant directories (, & as well as 3rd party providers like Deals for Deeds, Groupon, Foursquare and others in order to find an audience based on your goals.  View Features >>


Our Baltimore Eats, Washington Eats and Eastern Shore Eats websites offer great values on tile advertisements that are specifically tailored to your restaurant’s unique location.  Our local audiences discover new restaurants on our sites all the time.  If you want to get more in depth, we are capable of handling your Google Adwords or Facebook Ads campaign to reach even more potential customers.  View Features >>

Print and POS:

We are prepared to help you design your new menu and menu boards, table tents, flyers, logos and anything else you may need to drive sales and enhance your customers’ experience.  Wondering if we can help you with your next project?  Just ask!  View Features >>